A collection of the Rosary ring design.

I collected the rosary ring designs designed by Bonagem jewelry until now.
This year is the meaningful year the Pope to visit South Korea. Catholics know that the important meaning of  Pope’s visit.

Catholic believers in Korean prefer to wear Rosary rings.

So it can be used to wear at all times.  The new rosary ring designs that have been newly created by the hand of the designer can also be used in marriage rings and usual rosary rings.
It is possible to make minor modifications in the design of the ring of men and women, to wear as coupling.

Designs of several rings are registered  for the design patents in the Patent Office. You can be order the Rosary ring meaningful for their own real name initials on the inside of the ring.

Reaction of the person who purchased it is beyond the expectation. The feedback of the recent  Rosary rings are good.

If you compare the 14K Rosary rings with others, manufacturing cost is somewhat expensive, but considering the level of satisfaction and a feeling of fitness, it is the one that is not even expensive significantly.

The followings are  Bonagem rosary ring designs. Is there a design you Like?


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