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Designer jewelry Bonagem located in Jongno 4-ga Seoul is attracting attention among brides and grooms. Recently the gold price is increasing too high, so the wedding jewelry has imposed burden on many brides and grooms.

Remodeling mother and grandmother’s wedding rings into the children’s wedding rings makes them feel love. Jewelry designer gets them the wedding ring filled with love.

The successful jewelry remodeling must have a lot of background knowledge. Jewelry Reform is not to change the original jewelry, but to create new one.

Bonagem Designer Jewelry designer understands the customer’s need and makes the only one jewelry for customer. Any custom design is available in Bonagem.  Customers can feel the excellent handcraft skill.

All customers who remodeled their jewelry in Bonagem have been satisfied with the artisan workmanship of Korea.

■ Designer jewelry with a good craftsmanship is the best choice for fine jewelry.
■ Personalized design will satisfy any customer emotion.
■ Korean handmade jewelry over 30 years skill could be more comfortable than any others.

 Bonagem does not make any imitation of other luxury brands.

Designer jewelry

All products of Bonagem are handmade.

•Over 30 years of expert craftsmanship product that contains the soul.

•Final products containing the craftsmanship are without error and perfect.

•We are very proud of the artisans crafts of our country.


Jewelry Reform & Redesign services

•Jewelry Reform & Redesign do remodel the old jewelry to the latest trends in design.

•To redesign jewelry is a task that requires quite creativity.


designer jewelry

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